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Rev. Shannon Garrett-Doege, Senior Minister

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Rev. Shannon (Shae) M. Garrett-Doege is ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament within the United Church of Christ. She also serves as the Youth Minister Associate for the Penn West Conference.

She received her Master of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2021, after earning a graduate certificate in Youth Culture and Youth Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. Additionally, she earned an undergraduate degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry from Notre Dame College. Currently, she is a doctoral student at Eden Theological Seminary.

Originally from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Rev. Shannon grew up in a racially and religiously diverse neighborhood, which nurtured a love for God, the arts, and humankind.  Rev. Shannon holds a deep love for Creation as a whole, a desire to understand people through culture and contexts, and a deep passion for social justice, and a conviction towards the work of reconciliation, that seeks justice and inclusivity for all of God’s children.  

The Reverend Garrett-Doege is a prophetic preacher, compassionate leader and a gifted teacher. Deeply rooted in her culture and heritage, she often blends elements of literature, history, music, and pop culture into her pedagogy to reflect the diversity, dynamism, and depth of her theological imagination. Rev. Shannon is an activist and an advocate for justice and joy for all, especially those on the margins.

Rev. Shannon is married to her seminary sweetheart Caryn W. Doege, MDiv, who is a pre-licensed clinical therapist. They live in Highland Park with their teenagers Lotus and Lyric, and Zen, plus their adorable dog Clawdeen.

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