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Walk-in Ministry Food Pantry

Since starting our Food Pantry program in 2001, Smithfield United Church of Christ has received over $95,000 of donations and grants. Thanks to support of our donors and the unswerving commitment of Rena Thomas, our congregation’s Business Administrator, Smithfield Church has been able to host the Walk-in Ministry every five weeks on a rotating basis with other churches in the Downtown Ministerium serving hundreds of low-income families, children, seniors and others in need.

In addition to food, Smithfield Church is able to provide agency referrals to address individual needs. In the past for instance, we referred clients to Travelers Aid, Jubilee Kitchen (for clothing), and the Urban League (for rent and utilities 

For emergency food, please call the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank "Get Help" line at 412-460-FOOD ext 456 (412-460-3663 ext 456)

assistance). Smithfield UCC has also helped individuals to receive assistance from the On-Site Pharmacy, a free service of the Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations available through the Division of General Internal Medicine at Montefiore Hospital as well as the Gift of Sight program offered by Lenscrafters and Home Area Pantry.

"We do what we can to ensure that the people who come through our doors receive the help needed to enhance their lives," Rena

December 2019/YTD

Households served = 40/706

Individuals served = 57/906

Donations (2019) = $6635.62

Can I contribute food and supplies for the Smithfield Church food pantry?
While the need for food has been on the rise in recent years, we are only able to accept cash donations. The pantry is stocked with specific goods purchased in advanced at discounted rates from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. If you would like to make a donation, kindly make it directly to Smithfield Church and designate it for the Walk-in Ministry.

Another way to support the Smithfield Walk-in Ministry, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB), and food banks across the state of Pennsylvania is to volunteer with GPCFB, keep informed of the issues, and register to receive the GPCFB's monthly e-newsletter.

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