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Building History

Construction of the Smithfield church building, located at the corner of Smithfield Street and Strawberry Way in downtown Pittsburgh, dates back to 1925.  It was the fifth building erected at the Smithfield location by the German Evangelical Protestant Church congregation and the sixth official place of worship overall.  The building was consecrated in December 1926 and officially opened on the congregation's 145th anniversary in October 1927.  Today, it is known as the Smithfield United Church of Christ, or Smithfield Church, and is readily identifiable by its unique steeple, visible from countless vantage points in downtown Pittsburgh. 


Our German heritage remains both visible and honored.  In the sanctuary, you will find the inscriptions "Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe" (meaning "Glory to God in the highest") and "Ein' feste burg ist unser Gott" (meaning "A mighty fortress is our God").  In the church's archives, the earliest records are also in German.  Later records like the "Minutes" and "Protokoll" books were written in both German and English.

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