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Lower the Temperature to Protect Precious Records

Donations keep Smithfield’s unique and priceless historic records from beining lost forever!
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Our Valuable Records


Smithfield’s archives holds thousands of one-of-a-kind paper documents, some dating back to the 1700s. Hardly a week goes past without inquiries that these records help to answer. From council minutes to baptismal records, these church documents are a irreplaceable treasure that must be preserved.


The Problem


Our church building, a historical landmark built during the 1920s, unfortunately has no climate-control system to regulate the temperature and relative humidity levels in the archives.  Extreme and constantly fluctuating temperatures and relative humidity levels inevitably damage and can even destroy such uniquely valuable historical documents.


The Solution


A climate-control system that will keep temperatures and humidity levels in the archives fairly stable (at 70 degrees and 50% relative humidity) throughout the year will cost $2,000 to purchase and install. Our goal is to have such a system in place no later than January 1, 2015.


Generous Donations Meet Our Goal!




Send tax-deductible contributions to:

Smithfield U.C.C. Archives, 620 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

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